WCC2 2018 Update!Secret Facts 


WCC2 is Best Cricket Game For Android It is Most Famous Game in India Here is Some Facts Of New 2018 Update Of WCC2

1.There is No Plan Of NextWave Multimedia Of New Big Update of WCC2 2018 Update Just Some YouTubers Make Video About A New Update of 2018 And This Gone Viral People Love This Update And Now They Just Wanted To Update The WCC2 into WCC2 Big Update So From This Company Decide To Make WCC2 2018 Update 

2.The Update Was Going to Launch on End Of November But You Know Why it is not Launched You Know Why?Because in this Mean Time A New Game Name WCB was Going to Be Launch And Both of Games are too Awesome But WCB Have More Features as Compare of WCC2 Big Update Then Company Decide to add more add more and more new features and now it will launch on 2018

3.WCC2 And WCB is Fighting Each Other Or Showing That My Game is Better Than Yours The Promos Are Launched At Near Same Time And Both Of Companies Updating There Games as Profesional Gaming Developer Company 

5.WCB is Inspired From WCC2 yeah Guys You are Seeing Write WCB is Inspired From WCC2 Game That’s Why U Can See The Relation Between WCC2 And WCB


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