Sony Delays The last of Us 2 Due to “Noval Corona Virus”

The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR have been delayed indefinitely


Sony identically announced on Tuesday that it has delayed The Last of Us Part II “until further notice”. The reason behind this is the COVID-19 pandemic. The game had been previously scheduled to launch on May 29th.

In the tweet, Sony said in a statement, “The global crisis is preventing us from proving the launch experience our players deserve”. Sony also delay Iron Man VR .

Naughty dogs said in the statement, “We were bummed about this decision but ultimately understood it’s what’s best and fair to all of our players,” the statement reads. “We’re hoping that this won’t be a long delay and we’ll update you as soon as we have new information to share.”

This is not the first delay for The Last of Us Part II. In Oct, it was delayed from a Feb 21st release date to May 29th. Sony has also previously said that the Corona Virus pandemic shouldn’t impact the release of the PlayStation 5, which is also due this year. Presently, The Last of Us 2 is only slated for release on PS4.



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