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PUBG Mobile TW Version

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About This Application

The original big escape game “PUBG MOBILEL: Jedi Survival M” is about to land on the Taiwan mobile phone platform!

1. The official genuine “PUBG MOBILE”
100 people airborne area 8×8 km desert island battle high, only one person won! Players need to pick up weapons, vehicles and supplies around them and defeat other players with tactics on the ultra-real battlefield where the safe zone is shrinking. Airborne, plunder, survive at all costs, become the ultimate powerhouse!

2. High-quality stereo sound and
the game uses the powerful Unreal Engine 4 developers, delicate quality, realistic game play, super fine Battle Royale map, showing stunning visual effects. Coupled with 3D sound and 7.1-channel loopback stereo technology, it feels like an immersive experience.

3. Real weapon
guns, melee weapons, throws flying along real ballistic trajectories, weapons are very diverse, players can choose to shoot, bury themselves, or burn enemies. Finally, don’t forget to eat the chicken artifact pan!

4. Large-scale battlefield
driving a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and speedboats, chasing enemies, preempting enemies into safe areas or retreating quickly.

5. Stand
side by side with friends and friends! Invite friends to team up, discuss the battle strategy through instant voice chat, and set the perfect survival tactics.

to howunlock Registration link ??????
| Bhai video Ko follow Karo  and follow the instructions to verify & now you can download??


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