PUBG Mobile Chinese Version

Awesome Version of Chinese Pubg

PUBG Mobile: Battlefield is the genuine mobile game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Perfectly modified from PC version, promising the pure playing experience to you.With Unreal Engine 4, representing the next-gen audiovisual quality just like PC version. 8m x 8km Original map is on your tips. Fire at will in the battlefield.100 players, fair game. Feel the excellent shooting experience. Invite your friends to a party and make a voice call by one click.

Presented by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Of Tencent. Promising you an exhilarating gaming experience.

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What’s New in this

[New gameplay, scene optimization]
1) New gameplay: Creative Workshop – Extreme Cold Mode, Level 5 can enter, in this mode, the extremely cold weather will come to the frozen snow, the need to maintain body temperature in the cold wind, and Nature Battle;
2) Scene Optimization: Snow-covered snow-Vihandi map on the snow surface with new footprints, tire prints, and stencil printing functions;

[new firearms, new accessories]
1) New firearms: Buffalo submachine gun – large The ammunition capacity submachine gun, using 9mm bullets, has a single-shot, fully automatic mode, will be brushed out in the Jedi Island – Allenge, Frozen Snow – Vivendi map;
2) New accessories: side sights – new Accessories, occupying independent accessories slots, can be equipped on most rifles, shooter rifles, sniper rifles, light machine guns with upper rails;

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[Optimized content]
1. Battle core optimization
1) Optimize the role of the submachine gun in the first person animation performance, further reducing end travel experience;
2) removing the open state of mirror pull plug, the plug can now be run status drop / loaded, run experience further reducing end;
3) to optimize the performance of the action role playing change the wall-gun, Through the wall of firearms issues in some cases decisions;
4) to solve the problem of the role of sliding performance from the high ground running (landing pause time no change);
5) addresses the role when knocked down in some cases, its head The problem of wearing the door and wearing the wall;
6) Operation setting – the function of adding some hidden buttons in the custom layout;
7) Adding the UI display adaptation of the iPad Pro 2018 model;

2. Optimizing the friend system
1) Note function, you can add notes in the friend’s personal information interface;
2) Optimize the application information that is viewed by the applicant when sending a friend’s application;

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to howunlock Registration link ??????
| Bhai video Ko follow Karo and follow the instructions to verify & now you can download??


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