PUBG Mobile 0.8 Sanhok Update Download

While most PUBG addicts would already know much about Sanhok through leaks, speculation and test servers, many of the newer PUBG players or novices would be keen to know what it holds in store. We did the hard work for you and here’s what you need to know about Sanhok, before landing down and killing your rivals.

Smallest Map Yet

Yes, Sanhok is here and at 4 sq kilometers, it is the smallest map on PUBG yet; it’s a quarter of the size of the two other battlefields. However, despite its smaller size, the map can still support 100 players, which means a lot more close-quarter action.

The blue zone on Sanhok also behaves differently, by checking how many players are left before adjusting both the wait and travel time. The circle size itself doesn’t change, but the new method will ensure no players get a major advantage.

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