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The long-awaited Indian Bus Simulator is another rich and detailed offering from the stable of Highbrow Interactive. After dominating the planet of mobile train simulation for years, Highbrow has set its eyes of the genre of bus driving games – bringing to the table all the small quirks that helped amass many fans for Indian Train Simulator.

Indian Bus Simulator, or IBS, is an open world, driver-based game that’s releasing with a route connecting the South Indian cities of Chennai and Bangalore. the sport features buses from State-run transport organizations of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, plus a fleet of buses from Private Operators inbuilt their likeness. the planning of the bus is inspired by the authentic vehicles which are currently within the market.

The buses, both state and personal , are designed keeping endless customization in mind. Soon, you’ll be ready to change the seat upholstery, wheels, decals. At the time of purchase, a user has the choice to settle on between various engine variants and transmission types. The buses also are available mini, single and multi-axle form factors. The seats also are seats, semi-sleeper and sleeper variants which may be opted by the user during purchase.

In IBS, you play the driving force – who begins the career with none money. You get to form money by playing a driver-for-hire doing odd jobs. The extra money you create , and save, the quicker you’ll be ready to start your own dream transport company. IBS allows you to hire out buses from your own fleet. that’s how you build your own fleet and a transport empire.

While his business growth matters, so does his physical well-being. confirm the driving force is fed, rested and cozy .

Buses in IBS are often customized to feature more features for passengers. The ratings of a bus depend upon how feature packed your buses are. Features like Air-conditioning, Blanket, Pillow, Charging Point, Movie, Personal TV, Snacks, Beverage, GPS Location Tracking etc. are often added to your buses at any point.

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