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We are NewIdeaGames, an indie team looking for innovation in gaming, making a revolution of the 80’s Full Motion Video games. Hijacker Jack is the first real-time interactive video-based game in FPS where you can move, travel, fight, make conversations, use weapons, collect items, drive vehicles and the gameplay looks exactly like that in the video above! Yes, not joking. That’s not a fancy intro, it’s the actual gameplay on mobile!

Hijacker Jack Trailer

What is FMV?

We like games and movies, so we shot a movie and turned it into a game: a full-motion-video (FMV) game! It has the “best graphics” you can get, as our several users said and Hijacker Jack is even more than that! You get the things in your face in real-time!

In this Game, You Can

  • control real-life videos
  • experience the celebrity life
  • explore locations, use objects, collect items and interact with your surroundings
  • conversate with NPCs, your choices having an impact on character development and karma
  • fight with multiple enemies controlling attack, defense and move combinations
  • do skill movements like parkour during a rooftop chase
  • aim and shoot during gunfights, car chases
  • control a small team on a mission
  • drive cars, quad, and jet-ski go rock-climbing or sky-diving through this thrilling story!
Action-packed game / real-time control

Who is Hijaker Jack?

Jack is a millionaire celebrity who treats people like sh*t. Stereotypic, but don’t worry, you won’t have to play him. Instead, you’ll be replacing him! A wanted man, he must find a body double who looks like him, and as you probably already figured out, that’s you!

Your mission? Live like Jack. Act like him. Speak like him. Do the things which he does and try to survive in a world where friends are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and enemies are even worse. Can you remain true to yourself or money changes everything?

How to Download Hijacker Jack?

Hijacker jack is available on PlayStore and the link is given at the end of the post.


  • OS version: Android 6.0+
  • Internet: not required
  • Cache autoload: No
  • Requires free space: 2.05 Gb

Download Now For Android

Thanks for reading, enjoy your game. Comment down any issue you face in downloading or anything.



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