Headstand GunfIre


Headstand GunfIre

In 2060, virtual reality technology has become popular. As the world’s largest electronic entertainment provider, Phantom has proposed a great concept – “park” plan. This program aims to use virtual reality technology to build a series of worlds that exist only in myths or fantasy. Players can enter this space, travel, treasure, and hunt various monsters through their virtual reality devices.
The “Paradise” program was supported by two other giant companies, Titan and Nerve Tree. Titan provided the hardware to build the world, the most advanced super quantum computer “Gaya” at the time. Nerve Tree is responsible for the construction of the virtual space. The project lasted for 10 years and was secretly supported by several consortia. In the view of these consortia, the “park” plan is the most mainstream form of entertainment in the future, and there are huge business

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