Forza Street iOS and Android Release Date Revealed

Microsoft announces that the previously Windows 10-only title, Forza Street, will release for the iOS and Android later this year.


Forza Street is a racing game developed by Electric Square that’s similar to that of Gran Turismo. It allows players to build and collect all kinds of iconic muscle and sports cars to keep in their garage as trophies or use to partake in fast, fluid, cinematic-style street races.

The game has been on Windows 10 for almost two years now, but Xbox recently announced that it’d finally release it on mobile devices in only a few months.

Fans of Forza Street, or even the Forza series in general, will be able to play the game on Android and iOS come May 5, 2020. And anyone that downloads the title between this release date and June 5 will unlock the 2017 Ford GT. They’ll also receive an undisclosed amount of in-game currency.

Microsoft didn’t say what, if any, versions of these software players will need to enjoy the game. So anyone interested will have to look out for that information when the game releases. There was also no mention of the rumors surrounding the game’s potential publication on the Nintendo Switch. If it is true, followers will probably find out when the game’s mobile release happens.

Forza Street raced onto Windows 10 as Miami Street on May 8, 2018.



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