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As expected, Epic Games has released Fortnite for Android—but it’s not available in the Google Play Store. You’ll have to install it manually. Here’s how to do it.

One of the nice things about Android is the ability to install APKs—Android Package Kits—that aren’t included in the Play Store. This allows developers to let users test apps out without going through the official channels and gives users the freedom to install specific apps they may not be able to get elsewhere. This, of course, comes with the risk of compromised security.

Alas, this is the route Epic decided to go with Fortnite for various reasons that we won’t get into here. While it makes it a little more of a hassle for you to get started, it’s still really not difficult to do—depending on your phone model, however, the process can be a little bit different.

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It’s worth noting that at the current time Fortnite is exclusively available on Samsung devices: S7/Edge, S8/+, S9/+, Note 8, Note 9, Tab S3, and Tab S4. Support for other devices will be available soon, with Samsung’s exclusivity period only lasting “

a few days.”

How to Install Fortnite for Android on Samsung Devices

Since Samsung has a brief exclusivity period for Fortnite, it’s also easier to install on its devices using the Galaxy Apps store. To get started, head over to from your Samsung phone.

From there, tap the Samsung button—this will redirect you to the Fortnite page in the Galaxy Apps store. Tap the Install button to download the installer.

What to Do if You Have Issues Installing Fortnite

Sideloading is a fairly straightforward process, but if you have happened to hit any issues, we have a full primer on how to sideload apps on Android, which covers the process in detail. This varies between versions of Android, with Google taking a much more secure approach starting with Android 8.0 (Oreo).

In the case of Oreo, you have to enable Unknown Sources for each app that you plan on downloading and installing APKs from. It can be a little confusing—we have a much deeper explanation here—but this prevents unauthorized apps from installing APK files, which leads to a more secure system.

If you hit any snags trying to install Fortnite, I suggest checking both of those posts for more details.



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