Code Live : Tencent Games


Code Live: Tencent Games


Code: Live is one of the few upcoming mobile games announced at Tencent UP 2019. The game is currently under the development of Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, an internal team at Tencent who famously developed PUBG Mobile. Originally known as “代号生机” before translation, Code: Live is an open-world zombie survival mobile game powered by Unreal Engine 4 and has been in development for two years already so we presume that the game will be coming out very soon and we sure do hope so because it looks potentially good in the trailer!

From the trailer, we can see a few survivors building a stronghold together with sandbags and electrified barbed wires set on wooden barriers. Then, we can see the survivors fending off a huge number of zombies who are trying to penetrate the stronghold’s last line of defense. Is the game going to focus on how well players build their shelters’ defenses or is it going to focus on other aspects such as gunplay? Well, we’ll find out very soon.

For more information, you can visit Code: Live‘s official website. We’ll update everyone once we have more information on the game so stay tuned!

to howunlock Registration link ??????
| Bhai video Ko follow Karo  and follow the instructions to verify & now you can download??



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