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Black Shark 2 Gaming Mobile

Black Shark 2

Following the demise of the Xperia Play gaming phones were seemingly gone for good, but it turns out they were merely regrouping before mounting another attack of the smartphone market. And they come in numbers this time – Asus, nubia, Razer and Xiaomi all have claims to the gaming smartphone throne and even Huawei is marketing the Mate X as the best gaming phone. Well, Xiaomi is ready to rock the boat with the new Black Shark 2 – a phone that aims to really make gaming phones mainstream.

The first Black Shark had the looks and the punch, but its plain LCD screen won him few favors. Then came the Helo, which patched exactly that. And now, with the Black Shark 2, we have the most refined Black Shark phone to date with a big AMOLED screen, the latest Snapdragon 855 with an advanced cooling system, more RAM and storage, and a new gaming-catering design with dynamic LED lighting.

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  1. I am your subscriber.
    Iam a kid and I ant afford a mobile phone and my parents and not buying a new phone for me.
    I think I should be able to play games better than now if a will get a phone .
    I wish my luck is with me.

  2. I am big fine Bhai phone dena ya nhi dena toap decide Magar aap kavi vi Bihar Aana Tu mere ghar per Jarur aana … Pon .6201962913

  3. hello sir I am not your biggest fan but i want to be a youtuber like you i want to be a reactor and gamer the 1st thing i want to as a youtuber is by playing pubg . so i want this mobile. plz give me this mobile


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